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Art Loop is a studio school dedicated to art education for learners aged between 2.5-18 years, including adults. Our curriculum is derived from Teaching for Artistic Behavior (TAB), a theory originating from the USA in the 1970s. TAB asserts that learners should be given the freedom to create art while being guided on necessary techniques and knowledge of relevant art history. By giving free rein to students as to the choice of topics and materials at Art Loop, we firmly believe that they will become much more motivated. We are also committed to necessitating the development of their artistic behaviour, ensuring that their problem-solving, decision-making and other essential skills are honed.

One key feature of Art Loop is our implementation of a mixed-age approach in the curriculum, which sets itself apart from many art institutes in the territory. Instead of adopting a smaller class size with a lower teacher-student ratio, we group mixed ages in the hopes of facilitating cross-age interactions.

In a small class, the teacher is considered the sole source of instruction, which is limiting in terms of stimulation and interaction. In our classes, however, the teacher encourages mixed-age students to interact with each other through tutoring and shared discovery - the older students benefiting from serving as role models and the younger ones wanting to emulate them. Students also get to learn at their own pace at Art Loop and they advance to the next level in accordance with their progress, rather than their age.

To boost the sense of community in learners, Art Loop continually rolls out art-based community development projects for schools and community centres. We hold our student-artists in charge of such projects and they have to fulfill various tasks, ranging from the conceiving of the exhibition idea to the execution of the event. Through these projects, alongside the vital skills they learn in the classroom, they can improve their organization, presentation, management and social skills.

The mixed-age approach also comes into play again here - older students become leaders who oversee the organization of art events and exhibitions while younger ones take on assistant roles. They will be assigned tasks mainly based on their strengths and interests and the involvement in art projects will instill in them a strong sense of belonging to Art Loop and the community as a whole.


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