Art Loop will provide art competition classes designed to help students participate in major art competitions. The course includes Chinese painting or western painting, which is subject to a wide range of topics. Art Loop will handle the registration and submission of final works to simplify the entry process. 

Art Loop将提供美术比赛班,专为协助学生参加各大美术比赛而设,课程包含国画或西洋画,题材广泛,视乎个别比赛需求而定。 Art Loop将代办报名手续及寄出作品,简化整个参赛流程。

IGEAAA Art Exbihition

Deadline: 30 September 2022

Organiser : International Gifted Education And Art Association

Age: 3 -17

To promote art exchange between the two places - Hong Kong & London, winning and creative works will be invited to the Children's Art Exhibition in London, UK.

In addition to allowing Hong Kong students to rush out of Hong Kong, it also allows local British art colleges and British artists to recognize Hong Kong students and create unlimited opportunities.

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WCACA The 12th World Children Art Awards

Deadline: 14 December 2022

Organiser : WCACA World Children Arts & Culture Association

Age: 5-12

Theme: Chinese painting / Western painting - "Four seasons"

To enhance the exchange of art and culture among children and young people around the world by providing a platform for them to display their artistic talents, encourage the new generation to give play to their artistic creativity, and hope that they will enjoy the art in the process of creating


2022 Autumn Children's Painting &
Coloring Competition

Deadline: 23 December 2022

Organiser : Hong Kong Children Arts Culture Development Association

Age: 3 -17

Theme: Space Adventures / I Love My Home / Free Topic

Speca Adventures - Let the children forget the physical form of the earth, a new ecosystem will come into being, the children wave their brushes, give play to unlimited imagination and creativity, to create the children's hearts belong to their hearts of the fantasy world.


I Love My Home - To encourage children to give play to their creativity, let children see the love of their families, learn to be grateful people. We hope children can use different contents and creative ideas to express their love and gratitude to their families.

Free Topic - In order to allow children to play freely, there are no restrictions on this theme, to encourage them to give full play to their artistic creativity, and hope that they can enjoy the fun of art in the process of creating.

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