Art Loop will provide art competition classes designed to help students participate in major art competitions. The course includes Chinese painting or western painting, which is subject to a wide range of topics. Art Loop will handle the registration and submission of final works to simplify the entry process. 

Art Loop将提供美术比赛班,专为协助学生参加各大美术比赛而设,课程包含国画或西洋画,题材广泛,视乎个别比赛需求而定。 Art Loop将代办报名手续及寄出作品,简化整个参赛流程。

Heal the Earth

01/11 - 05/12

Organiser : World Children Arts & Culture Association

Age: 3 - 14

With an aim to inspire creativity and foster enjoyment and appreciation of art, the World Children Art Awards offers a unique platform for children and teenagers to share their love for art and showcase their artistic talents.

3 hours workshop


Stand by Me

01/11 - 15/12

Organiser : International Colere Exchange (Hong Kong)

Age: 3 - 18

This year’s theme is “Stand by Me” (“Walk Together”). This drawing competition allows participants to freely explore their surroundings which give support and strength for them to pursue their dreams.

3 hours workshop


A Happy Moment

01/11 - 14/02

Organiser : good morning CLASS

Age: 3 - 10

This year, AM730 is going to fully support a painting competition in a theme of [A Happy moment], children from  kindergartens and elementary schools are invited to participate in this painting competition.

3 hours workshop


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